The Round Table

This is our virtual Round Table. Everyone who has pledged to join us on this Quest, will have their name added to acknowledge their commitment.

BR No.SR No.NameBuilderKnight’s Name
30736736ExcaliburLSWR, EastleighDavid Mark Williams
30737737King UtherLSWR, Eastleigh
30738738King PellinoreLSWR, Eastleigh
30739739King LeodegranceLSWR, Eastleigh
30740740MerlinLSWR, EastleighMark Atkins
30741741Joyous GardLSWR, EastleighTony Teague
30742742CamelotLSWR, Eastleigh30742 Charters
30743743LyonnesseLSWR, Eastleigh
30744744Maid of AstolatLSWR, Eastleigh
30745745TintagelLSWR, EastleighMatt Wigley
30746746PendragonLSWR, EastleighNeil Edwards
30747747ElaineLSWR, Eastleigh
30748748VivienLSWR, EastleighAlan Pakes
30749749IseultLSWR, Eastleigh
30750750Morgan le FayLSWR, Eastleigh
30751751EtarreLSWR, EastleighChris Taylor
30752752LinetteLSWR, Eastleigh
30753753MelisandeLSWR, Eastleigh
30754754The Green KnightLSWR, EastleighPeter Stanton
30755755The Red KnightLSWR, EastleighGerry Garside
30448448Sir TristramSR, EastleighJohn Wickham
30449449Sir TorreSR, EastleighRob Wickham
30450450Sir KaySR, EastleighJohn Wickham
30451451Sir LamorakSR, Eastleigh
30452452Sir MeliagranceSR, Eastleigh
30453453King ArthurSR, EastleighDavid Atkins
30454454Queen GuinevereSR, Eastleigh
30455455Sir LancelotSR, EastleighBarry Lycett
30456456Sir GalahadSR, EastleighArran Crawford
30457457Sir BedivereSR, EastleighSteve Lockley
30793793Sir OntzlakeSR, Eastleigh
30794794Sir Ector de MarisSR, EastleighIn memory of
Jean M Funnell
30795795Sir DinadanSR, Eastleigh
30796796Sir Dodinas le SavageSR, EastleighPete Hackney
30797797Sir Blamor de GanisSR, Eastleigh
30798798Sir HectimereSR, Eastleigh
30799799Sir IronsideSR, EastleighJonathan Hayes
30800800Sir Meleaus de LileSR, Eastleigh
30801801Sir Meliot de LogresSR, Eastleigh
30802802Sir DurnoreSR, Eastleigh
30803803Sir Harry le Fise LakeSR, EastleighAlan Berck-May
30804804Sir Cador of CornwallSR, EastleighJohn Street
30805805Sir ConstantineSR, Eastleigh
30806806Sir GalleronSR, Eastleigh
30763763Sir Bors de GanisNorth British Loco 23209
30764764Sir GawainNorth British Loco 23210
30765765Sir GarethNorth British Loco 23211Andy Cooper, a loving Father and a devoted volunteer
30766766Sir GeraintNorth British Loco 23212
30767767Sir ValenceNorth British Loco 23213
30768768Sir BalinNorth British Loco 23214
30769769Sir BalanNorth British Loco 23215
30770770Sir PrianiusNorth British Loco 23216Jim Street
30771771Sir SagramoreNorth British Loco 23217Tim Watson
30772772Sir PercivaleNorth British Loco 23218Ross Goulding
30773773Sir LavaineNorth British Loco 23219
30774774Sir GaherisNorth British Loco 23220
30775775Sir AgravaineNorth British Loco 23221
30776776Sir GalagarsNorth British Loco 23222
30777777Sir LamielNorth British Loco 23223Tom Tighe
30778778Sir PelleasNorth British Loco 23224
30779779Sir ColgrevanceNorth British Loco 23225
30780780Sir PersantNorth British Loco 23226
30781781Sir AglovaleNorth British Loco 23227
30782782Sir BrianNorth British Loco 23228Brian & Llinos Kerens
30783783Sir GillemereNorth British Loco 23279
30784784Sir NerovensNorth British Loco 23280
30785785Sir Mador de la PorteNorth British Loco 23281
30786786Sir LionelNorth British Loco 23282Rob Teate
30787787Sir MenadeukeNorth British Loco 23283
30788788Sir Urre of the MountNorth British Loco 23284
30789789Sir GuyNorth British Loco 23285Dean Collier
30790790Sir VilliarsNorth British Loco 23286
30791791Sir UwaineNorth British Loco 23287
30792792Sir Hervis de RevelNorth British Loco 23288Matt Jackson