Monthly Donations

Fundraising is an ongoing key part of our attention over the next couple of years as we complete the overhaul of Sir Lamiel and then commence the overhaul of 5305.

We appreciate that the Knight’s of the Round Table Appeal or being a member of 5305 Locomotive Association may not be for everyone.

Therefore we’ve introduced Monthly Donations as a way to ensure there is a way to support us for everyone.

This is an easy way to make regular contributions to the Association to fund our overhaul and maintenance work. For the price of a cup of coffee a week you could contribute over £100 per year to support our work.

The form to setup a monthly donations is found below labelled “5305 Monthly Donation” It is best to fill out the form electronically before returning it to:

The “5305 Standing Order” form should be completed and provided to your bank. Alternatively you can setup a standing order via your online banking services.