May 2024 Update

Welcome to the May update.

Work has continued  on the frames.. The locomotive was moved a few feet to enable further cleaning and preparation work on the wheels and spring hangers  The wheels have now received top coat black paint. The cylinders have been given a final wire brushing and have received a couple of coats of heatproof black paint. Attention has now turned to removing any remaining paint on the side and front running plates in preparation for painting.

The retaining studs for three of the valve liners have been removed ready for the removal of the liners. New liners will be cast and machined over the summer. All of the cylinder cladding has been cleaned and primed

The reassembled front tender bogie is ready to go back under the tender. We are awaiting another tender lift so that the rear bogie can be run out ready for dismantling. We are also starting work on fitting low level water filler points on the tender.

Outside on the boiler, the front tubeplate tube holes have been threaded. The superheater header has been removed to enable the outer large tube holes to be threaded. The superheater header will have the main steam pipe studs removed and renewed. The tubes are on order. The  large tube holes have measured so that an order can be placed for the new bottle ends. Bottle ends are welded to the end of the large tubes at the firebox end.

Work can continue at a much quicker pace if we had more people working on the locomotive. We are working most weekends  If you would like to get involved in the overhaul and join us on a working weekend, please contact us at We are also at a stage where we can outsource some of the technical work. This obviously will impact our cost plans. If you are able to offer us further financial support through donations please go to We also accept donations of railway related items and books to sell in our shed shop and sales stand. Please contact us at

Thank you for your support for the overhaul of Sir Lamiel.

Alan Berck-May



Sir Lamiel Fundraiser Launch

This morning we launch our fundraiser, “The Knights of the Round Table” for Sir Lamiel’s overhaul.

Having been responsible for Sir Lamiel for 42 years and having completed three major overhauls in that time, we have an intimate understanding of what needs to be done to bring the 4-6-0 back in order to celebrate its 100th birthday in 2025 in steam.

We are looking for 74 of the bravest souls to come forward with us by donating £1,000 each to the initial £74,000 appeal. By doing so, you will become an honorary ‘Knight of Sir Lamiel’s Round Table’.

Full details can be found on our new website linked below.

We appreciate that this is a big commitment.

There are other ways to support us:

To become a 5305LA member:

For other donations please contact us via

We will shortly be adding an online donate option.