Sir Lamiel Fundraiser Launch

This morning we launch our fundraiser, “The Knights of the Round Table” for Sir Lamiel’s overhaul.

Having been responsible for Sir Lamiel for 42 years and having completed three major overhauls in that time, we have an intimate understanding of what needs to be done to bring the 4-6-0 back in order to celebrate its 100th birthday in 2025 in steam.

We are looking for 74 of the bravest souls to come forward with us by donating £1,000 each to the initial £74,000 appeal. By doing so, you will become an honorary ‘Knight of Sir Lamiel’s Round Table’.

Full details can be found on our new website linked below.

We appreciate that this is a big commitment.

There are other ways to support us:

To become a 5305LA member:

For other donations please contact us via

We will shortly be adding an online donate option.