Overhaul Update

March 2024 Update

Once again I apologise for the lack of monthly reports recently. As you are aware we have been unable to make much progress due to the asbestos found behind the cylinders. The NRM quarantined the frames and tender pending remediation work to remove any trace of asbestos. At the end of February a scaffold tent was built around the engine and contractors have spent the past month cleaning the frames and surrounding areas. The tent is expected to be removed during the first week of April. We are standing by to quickly paint all the newly cleaned areas.

Things have not stopped completely though. We have continued work on the boiler. The replacement stays have been fitted. All the lap set screws have been replaced. The tube plate holes for the large flue tubes have had their threads taped. The replacement tubes are on hand ready to go back into the boiler. We then plan to complete hydraulic testing to make sure everything is ok. The grate carriers were found to be extremely worn. New grate carriers have been produced and trial fitted ready for reviting. 

Once we get back to work on the frames we plan to refit the slidebars and prepare the frames for lifting as we need to check the axle boxes and journals. 

It’s now a few years since we launched the Knights of the Round Table to help fund Sir Lamiel’s overhaul. Some of the Knights monthly donations are now coming to an end. We would really encourage Knights to maintain (or increase) their monthly donations to support Sir Lamiel’s overhaul. Every contribution make a real difference. Without your help the overhaul would not be possible. All donations can now be made with gift aid.

Once again we apologies for the lack of regular reports over the past few months.

Thanks for your help and support. We are looking to have a members day at Loughborough in May. Look out for further details once we have developed our plans. 

Alan Berck-May