Overhaul Update

November 2023 Report

Welcome to the November update.

I was really hoping to announce that, following the discovery of asbestos between the frames and the rear of the cylinders, we are able to return to work on the locomotive. Unfortunately we are still awaiting clearance from the NRM.

After the asbestos survey, the NRM had concerns about how widespread the contamination might be as this would affect the scope and process for its removal. The NRM requested the GCR to undertake a further survey and sampling in the MPD. This took place in mid November. Further samples have been analysed and the good news is that it has been confirmed that the contamination is restricted to the cylinder block area. A meeting has been held with the NRM and GCR to confirm next steps. These are that the work of removal scoped out in the next week or so, with a tender document going out soon after. It is hoped that the removal work can be completed by the end of January.

I have requested that the NRM allow us to return to working on the boiler, tender and other p[arts in storage and I await a formal response to the request.

The 5305LA committee and I are very frustrated that we have had to stop work, but remain fully committed to getting Sir Lamiel back in to traffic in time for her centenary in 2025. If you have any questions please contact me via

Thank you for your support for the overhaul of Sir Lamiel.

Alan Berck-May