Overhaul Update

June 2023 Update

Welcome to the June update.

We have been hard at work on Sir Lamiel’s frames. The wheels have all now received a coat of undercoat black. The inside of the frames is now sporting red gloss where the firebox sits. The final cleaning up is progressing on the area behind the cylinder block in readiness for gloss paint. Some areas of the frame stretchers have required some additional work to remove patches of loose paint but the existing paintwork is in very good condition. The poorer areas are being cleaned up prior to repainting. The exhaust injector has been refitted. Further work on gaskets for the pipework for the exhaust injector has been undertaken. The motion brackets on the outside of the frames are being needle gunned prior to painting.

The set screw work in the firebox continues and the measurements are being taken for the new small and large tubes.

On the tender, the front tender bogie wheels are, unfortunately, still at Tyseley after issues with their wheel lathe. Work on the axleboxes is almost complete and a kit of parts for refitting the wheel sets is being prepared..

We have a few new knights to welcome to the news reports. Their support is really important. Many thanks.

Any donations towards the cost of the tubes and the overhaul of Sir Lamiel are greatly appreciated. Further details can be found at

Work can continue at a much quicker pace if we had more people working on the locomotive. We are working most weekends and also most Thursdays and Fridays. If you would like to get involved in the overhaul and join us on a working weekend, please contact us at

Thank you for your support for the overhaul of Sir Lamiel.

Alan Berck-May