Overhaul Update

November 2022 Update

Welcome to the November update.

It feels like we’ve been working on the tender for ever. After the initial progress in stripping the brake rigging and cylinder and the resultant cleaning and painting, we got stuck in a bit of limbo as we waited for access to the jacks so that we could lift the tender and run out the bogies.

Our initial plan was to take the bogies outside for a thorough steam clean but this was not possible given the work on the shed roof and lighting. After cleaning underneath the tender we moved on to the front bogie.  his was lifted and the wheelsets run out. The front bogie frames have been thoroughly needle gunned removing all the old paint and the first coats of new paint has being applied. The machinist are hard at work on the axle boxes. The wheel sets have also been needle gunned and a coat of primer applied. We are gathering the quotes for the tyre turning and bearing polishing.

On the loco frames, the remaining oil and grease build up clean up continues on the inside surfaces. The steam pipes for the exhaust steam injectors were cleaning internally. These were heavily caked in cylinder oil and carbon. A fire was lit at the base of the pipes and as the heat built up in the pipes the oil was able to run out. They now require an external clean up and painting.

Now for some really good news. After our boilersmith had finished removing stays and set screws on the firebox. The stay holes were tapped out ready for new stays. An order was placed for 50 new stays and a box of shiny copper stays were delivered in late November. On Friday 25th November the first of the stays were screwed in to the firebox. This marks a real milestone on the overhaul. This was a £1000 investment in the locomotive. Fortunately we had a good weekend on the sales stand at the Last Hurrah gala at the GCR bringing in over £500 towards the stays costs.

We have recently been granted charity status by HMRC. This means that we can claim gift aid on all donations to our appeals. We are currently developing the paperwork and systems to support this. Further information will be provided when we’re all set to go.

Thank you for your support for the overhaul of Sir Lamiel.

Alan Berck-May