Overhaul Update

Sir Lamiel August 2022 Report

Welcome to the August update. We’ve had some good working days on the engine over the past few weeks with slow but steady progress.

On the tender work has continued with preparing various components for painting. This has included sandblasting the eight horn ties and applying primer and undercoat. The tender has been cleared of various removed components to enable access to the coal space. We need to cut out the floor of the coal space to give us better access to the inside of the water tank. This will enable us to identify where we need to replace steel on the tank.  We have also prepared to lift the tender and await a slot on the jacks. One lifted the bogies will be run out and examined. They will receive a thorough clean down. The axleboxes, journals and horn faces will be examined and repaired as required.

Needle gunning is progressing well on the loco frames. Work continues between the frames. We have also made good progress on needle gunning the wheels. The front buffer beam and rear drag box have also been cleaned and primer applied. The steam pipe and oil separator for exhaust injector is also being cleaned up and painted.

You may be wondering what an oil separator is and why is connected to the exhaust injector? The exhaust injector uses steam that has been used in the cylinders instead of live steam from the boiler. This is an efficient use of steam to put water in to the boiler when running at speed, but it relies on the regulator being open. As the steam has been used in the cylinders it will be carrying oil from the cylinder lubricators. Unfortunately, layers of oil on directly heated surfaces in the firebox will cause overheating and potential distortion of the platework. The oil separator is a large round component (see pictures) containing a large spiral deflector which the steam passes through. As the steam comes in to contact with the internal surfaces the oil becomes attached and drains to a release valve.

We are about to source the castings for the new cylinder liners. As previously reported, this will cost in the region of £10k. We are still keen to hear from anyone who would like to support us with donations towards the liners and their machining.

Work continues on removing stays and set screws on the firebox. We are now calculating how much copper bar is required for stay manufacturing. Initial expectations are that we will need about 15 metres of bar which will cost £1,300. Again, we’re keen to talk to anyone who can help us with purchasing the bar.

We are having a working weekend on 20th and 21st August, If you’re around the GCR at the weekend, please come and find us in the shed at Loughborough. Come and say hello and see how the work is progressing.

Thank you for your support for the overhaul of Sir Lamiel.

Alan Berck-May