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Chairman’s Report June 2022

Welcome to the June Chairman’s report.

Work has continued on cleaning up the inside of the frames. There has been more needle gunning action on the inside of the frames. We are now in the front section just behind the smokebox saddle where there has been a lot less heat damage, so the frames are in a very much better condition. They’re still covered in oil and grease though. Work now centres on removing the this before preparing for painting.

We’ve also made a start on needle gunning the paint off the wheels and bogie frames.

More black shiny new paint has been applied to the Tender steps, brake cylinder hangers and cab fall plate and vacuum brake cylinder. These will all shortly need to be moved to the containers for safe storage.

The superheater elements and other components stored in the tender coal space are now being removed as we are next in the queue for the lifting jacks now that the J94 has been re-wheeled. This will allow the bottom sections of the coal space to be removed to access the inside of the tank.

The recently stripped down the cab reverser mechanism has been carefully measured up and the parts taken to the machinists for the new collar to be made.

The large pipes for the steam supply to the exhaust injector have been externally cleaned and await the dirty job of removal of the accumulated cylinder oil from the bores. Where does the oil come from? All locomotives have some form of cylinder lubrication either by a mechanical or hydrostatic lubricator. This delivers thick “steam” oil to the atomiser to spray into the cylinder when the engine is moving. The exhaust injectors use the steam coming out of the cylinders to pick up the water in the injector. As the steam travels to the injector the oil is deposited in the pipes. Best way of cleaning this out is with a steam cleaner which blasts steam down the pipe. As you can imagine this is a necessary but dirty job. Any volunteers want to come and have a go?

Exhaust Steam Pipes

The more volunteers we can get working on Sir Lamiel the quicker we can complete the overhaul. Please contact

Alan Berck-May


5305 Locomotive Association.