Overhaul Update

May 2022 Update

Welcome to the May Chairman’s report. This is probably the most difficult stage of an overhaul to work through. Volunteers spend many hours cleaning down, removing paint and preparing surfaces. The only sign of progress is a fresh coat of primer or undercoat. However, getting this bit right is important as it sets the tone for the quality of work on the rest of the overhaul.

Work has continued on cleaning up the inside of the frames. There’s been loads more needle gunning action, followed up with some serious wire brushing leading up to a coat of red primer. The area from the drag box forward to the middle driving axle has now received its first coat of pink undercoat. The action has now moved forward to the frames between the leading driving axles. It’s a bit more cramped here though as there are frame stretchers to squeeze between and duck under.

Inside of the frames starting to look smart.

The Tender steps, brake cylinder hangers and cab fall plate are now receiving multiple coats of undercoat and topcoat black. Plenty more coats of paint required before these parts will be ready for refitting. The vacuum brake cylinder has been stripped down and the rolling and sealing rings replaced. It’s been put back together and will join the painting queue.

Our volunteer working on removing the stays has been in hospital. Get well soon Dave. I know that he can’t wait to get back to Loughborough to continue work. Meantime, we have started work on removing the set screws in the firebox.

We recently stripped down the cab reverser mechanism. Sir Lamiel has suffered from the reverser vibrating when running at speed. Stripping down the mechanism has revealed that the thread on the Locking Collar has become worn and there is about a 16th of an inch play. The Locking Collar will need to be replaced. This will be a real task as the Collar has a double thread.

Dismantled cab reverser mechansim.

So, we’re making slow but steady progress. It’s been said many times before that “many hands make light work” but it really is true. The more volunteers we can get working on Sir Lamiel the quicker we can complete the overhaul. Please contact

Alan Berck-May


5305 Locomotive Association.