Overhaul Update

February 2022 Update

Now that the pandemic seems to be receding and restrictions are being relaxed, we’ve had a good start to the year with some real progress.

We’ve made a good start on cleaning up the frames but realized that shifting the oil and grease is only the start of the process and we’ve had to employ some heavy-duty equipment to really get the surfaces ready for painting. All the old paint and exposed areas of rust will need to be removed by needle gunning the inside of the frames. Once completed the frames will be wire brushed in preparation for painting.

The brake gear on the tender continues to be removed. The vacuum cylinder has been taken out. Work is now focused on the tender steps and brake cylinder brackets as they will need to be removed to enable the placement of the lifting beams to lift the tender tank.

The good news is that we’ve had the visit from the boiler inspector in January. The inspector has confirmed that we need to change around 70 stays, examine the roof stays and a weld on the outer firebox plate work. We also decided to change some seam set screws. All of this was expected and was already part of our work schedule. Our volunteer boiler specialist has started work on preparations for the stay removal.

The first stays are starting to be removed.

The locomotives’ cab floor has been removed to expose the drag box and wooden floor support structure. There are two large boards that support the fall plate (a steel flap that covers the gap between the engine and tender). These are rotten and will need replacement. The boards are about 8 foot long, 1 foot wide and 3 inches. thick We will need to source two pieces of hard wood as replacements.

Removing the footplate fall plate.

We now have the start of our materials shopping list. It is going to be expensive but it’s very much in line with our initial expectations and budgeting. Anyone who can help us source or pay for the materials please get in touch (

Current material requirements

New valve and cylinder liner castings £10k

Copper bar for stay production £1k

Boiler tubes – Small £7k

Boiler tubes – Flue £3k

Bottle ends for flue tubes £1.5k

Steel bar for set screws £1k

The next few weeks will be focused on getting the tender ready for lifting, needle gunning the frames and dismantling the wooden underfloor structure to remove the rotting boards.

Alan Berck-May


5305 Locomotive Association.