Overhaul Update

August & September 2021 Update

August was quite a quiet month progress wise unless you have been near the boiler where work on internal cleaning and descaling has continued. The slowdown has occurred as the crane required for the boiler lift ran out of certification. The crane was tested at Loughborough last week and is now fit for use. Arrangements are now being made to lift the boiler in the next few weeks.

Work has continued on the tender brake gear. This is all now receiving gloss black paint. Another coat will be applied in the next few weeks. A volunteer with machining skills has stepped forward and will now start the process of removing and replacing all the brake gear bushes and pins.

October will see our Black Five withdrawn from service for a major overhaul. This will be the first time in many decades when the 5305 Locomotive Association has no steam locomotives in operation. This will mean a drop in revenue for the group. We will continue to develop our sales stand and online sales as a much-needed income stream in addition to donations.

October dates for your diary. GCR gala weekend 3rd and 4th October. October 23rd and 24th Special GCR weekend to mark the end of 5305’s operations featuring the Black Five, our Class 33 and Peak. October 27th – Fish and Chip train with the 5305 (last trip before withdrawal).

Thanks for your support with Sir Lamiel.

Alan Berck-May


5305 Locomotive Association