Overhaul Update

April 2021 Update

We’re back! Yes, our volunteers have been in for a couple of weekends now and we have made some progress on 777.

Arran popping out of the boiler for a bit of fresh air.

As the outcome of the boiler inspection is key to making progress on the project, work has focused on the boiler. With the dome cover off and the regulator valve removed we can now access the “J pipe”. This takes steam from the regulator to the superheater header. As you might imagine this is a seriously big piece of pipe and takes some effort to remove. Don’t forget all the nuts and bolts holding it in place have been underwater for a significant period.

Looking inside the “dome”. The “J Pipe” can be seen at the top. The metal rods inside the boiler are the longitudinal stays. The small gap between them is the only access to the inside of the boiler.

Once the “J pipe” was removed the descaling of the boiler has now commenced. Access to the boiler is through the dome. With the dome cover off there is a hole about 2 feet in diameter. Whilst many might volunteer for the descaling task only those of reduced girth and a fairly good level of agility and flexibility may enter. This is really the work of our younger, thinner, and fitter volunteers. Big thank you to Arran for stepping forward.

The less agile amongst us concentrated on the heavier work where size, grunt and with mechanical aids, removed the rear cylinder covers.

Heating up the rear cylinder cover nuts

Further work to descale the boiler is required but should be well on the way to being completed when you read this. Once completed we will be calling in our boiler inspector. Fingers crossed for some good news in the next report.

Maintaining our fundraising momentum is key to the success of our work. We still need all the help we can get. Please tell your friends and family about what we’re doing and how they can join in. There are a few ways you can help us. If you haven’t already you can  :-

Thanks for your support with Sir Lamiel.

Alan Berck-May


5305 Locomotive Association