Overhaul Update

September 2020 Update

Some good progress this month, although still at the beginning of the long period where parts are being removed. Work on the boiler continues with tube removal underway. There are 193 tubes in Sir Lamiel’s boiler which need the ends cutting with gas cutting gear prior to removal. 73 tubes still require the ends cutting in the firebox end to enable removal. We have found what we think will be an interesting use for the old tubes after removal. Watch out for more news on this.

The ends of the tubes in the firebox are being cut out ready for the tubes to be removed.

The boiler is almost ready for removal with a few bolts remaining on the front mounting bracket. A move to a pit road is required to access these bolts.

Cylinder and valve covers were removed so that the valves and pistons can be accessed for removal.

All the cladding has been removed and the metal of the cylinders is exposed. The drain valves and mountings are by the front bogie axles before moved to storage.

The next month will see work continuing on the preparation for the boiler lift with the removal of the dome cover and lid followed by the regulator valve. Once all the tubes have been removed, we shall have a team inside the boiler cleaning the barrel prior to the initial boiler inspection.

All the nuts and bolts removed are carefully cleaned ready for storage. A growing number of parts are accumulating in the shed. We intend to purchase a couple of containers to store these parts in the next weeks.

Nuts and bolts being cleaned in an oil solution to remove rust and grime.
The cleaned nuts and bolts are re threaded and assessed for reuse.

As I’ve said before, none of this would be possible without your financial support and the work of our working members. We’re still interested in hearing from anyone who wants to take a more active part in the overhaul. There is work at all skill levels and getting involved in a loco overhaul is a great way to learn about how steam loco’s work.

Can I also apologise to all our Knights awaiting their membership cards. We have commissioned some new artwork. Unfortunately, our artist has had to deal with some family issues not helped by the Covid restrictions. He’s now back on the case and is hoping to get something to us in the next few weeks. I’m very sorry for the delay.

Thanks to you all

Alan Berck-May

Chairman 5305 LA.